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Despite his success at Liverpool, Swansea, and now Celtic, Brendan Rodgers is yet to make a comeback to the English Premier League, even though he’s clearly more qualified than many other bosses.

Recently, Rodgers has been tied with a move to Manchester United, as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is struggling to get the team going and patience is running out.

However, Liverpool legend and TV pundit Jamie Carragher claimed there’s just no way Rodgers will ever coach Manchester United due to his past in Anfield, shutting the door on the possibility, but stating that he’d be welcome at London:

“Liverpool is out of the question and Manchester United is too because he was Liverpool manager. You look at Arsenal and Chelsea in a few years’ time, whether Frank (Lampard) stays there or not. Rodgers has a link to Chelsea, being in the youth set-up and the reserves. They’re the two jobs you’d look at, maybe international wise as well. Who knows how long Gareth Southgate will last for England, whether he goes after the next tournament or the next World Cup.

I think Brendan Rodgers would come into the reckoning because there’s no doubt when he was flying at Liverpool, his name was continually mentioned for the England job. They’re the types of jobs he’ll be looking at but he knows that getting back into the Premier League after what happened with Liverpool if he could get Leicester into the top four, it gives himself a great chance. It restores his credibility that maybe went a touch in that last season at Liverpool,” Carragher told The Express.

The Red Devils have vastly struggled since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure and it’s clear they need a change of perspective right away, but they’ll have to dig deeper in the market if they truly want to find a replacement for Solskjaer.