(via Fadeaway World)

With the breakout of Trae Young, the Hawks have a clear building block for the future. What they do next can determine just how quickly they can piece together a contending roster.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Atlanta was planning this upcoming free-agency, with two distinct names in mind, before they agreed to rookie-scale extensions.

Before Pacers forward Domantas Sabonis and Celtics forward Jaylen Brown reached contract extension agreements, the Hawks were believed to be interested in either player as a restricted free agent, sources said. Atlanta is one of four teams (Charlotte, Cleveland, Memphis) projected to have significant salary-cap space in the 2020 free agency period.

Brown signed a four-year, $115 million extension with the Celtics, while Sabonis got a four-year, $74.9 million deal from the Pacers.

Looking at it now may seem pointless, but it tells us that the Hawks are serious about putting together some viable, experienced talent next to Trae and the other young studs.

After starting off the season to a surprising 2-3 start, the Hawks are quickly gaining worldwide attention. For Trae Young especially, who has averaged 26.8 points on 50% shooting, the attention has been blinding.

Expect Atlanta to be very active in trade rumors and the upcoming free agency, where they have assets and cap to make significant moves.