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Danny Green has had a very good start to the season in his new chapter with the Los Angeles Lakers, already proving why the Californians decided to sign him in free agency. Green starred one of the best moments of Friday’s night with the Lakers, as he nailed one triple to take the game against the Dallas Mavericks to overtime.

The Lakers ultimately won the game, with Green playing a big role in that victory. Life is crazy sometimes, as the shooting guard recently admitted he studied the possibility of joining the Dallas Mavericks instead of the Lakers during free agency.

Green joined ESPN’s ‘Now or Never’ to describe how he almost went to Dallas to play with the Mavs.

“I think for everybody free agency is kind of similar. You’re not watching really everybody else, but you’re seeing what other guys are doing, you’re seeing what teams are making moves. Luckily I was in a great position in which I was able to choose teams I wanna talk to. It was fun, but at the same time it was frustrating, it was a lot of emotions, stressful, nervous, anxious.”

Then, he revealed he didn’t know about Kawhi Leonard’s decision to join the Clippers, claiming he didn’t think Kawhi himself was sure about his future. Danny was asked about how it feels when you pick a team over another, revealing he was close to joining the Mavericks.

“It was between L.A. and Dallas and Mark Cuban made a really good pitch, and he made it tough. So I’ve done with my decision, I did call them, and it was tough and I did feel kind of bad.”

The Dallas Mavericks’ pursuit of Danny Green was very documented, but the 2x NBA champion picked the Purple and Gold, one of the favorite teams to win the NBA championship this year. Who would have imagined? Perhaps Danny’s 3’s would have taken the Mavs to beat the Lakers on Friday night and not the other way around.