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Draymond Green is famous for being one of the most outspoken and fiercest competitors in the NBA, so it shouldn’t be a surprise for anybody that he’s not giving up hope on the season, not even after star point guard Stephen Curry broke his left hand.

Green is aware things won’t be that easy for the Warriors, even less knowing that Curry will be out for at least three months, but the three-time All-Star is still hopeful on his team, giving his all to try to lead the Dubs to the postseason:

When talking about the Warriors chances to make the playoffs and people claiming the Dubs won’t make it, Green said, via Logan Murdock:

“No, I play basketball for a living, I’m a competitor. I’m never throwing playoffs out of the equation. We’re going to compete every night and live with the results.”

“Are things that’s a happened a bigger blow to our chances? Absolutely, but as someone’s who’s healthy I’m not saying ‘welp, it’s over for the playoffs.'”

Well, things don’t look different for the Warriors now, as the San Antonio Spurs defeated them on Friday night by 127-110, demonstrating that this team won’t go too far in their attempts to clinch a spot for the postseason.

Warriors fans must be loving Draymond’s attitude towards this whole situation, but it’s fair to say nothing will change for the Warriors, no matter how optimistic they look about their chances to play in the big stage.

The Warriors have lost in blowout fashion to the Los Angeles Clippers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Phoenix Suns, and San Antonio Spurs. Their lone win of the season was against the New Orleans Pelicans in The Big Easy.

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