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The Dallas Mavericks are one of the surprise teams of the season with an early win-loss record of 4-2 and a 4th place standing in the West.

Mostly, it has been the combination of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis who have carried the Mavs, and their performance has been nothing short of extraordinary.

But, according to Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, the team is eyeing Chris Paul as their ideal trade target this season and could strike a deal with the Thunder before February’s annual trade deadline.

The Dallas Mavericks might be closer to contending than everyone thinks if the Luka Doncic-Kristaps Porzingis pairing looks as good in practice as it sounds in theory. But this club could use another shot-creator, and Paul sits several stories above incumbents Delon Wright, Seth Curry and J.J. Barea.

Paul reportedly pushed for more set plays last season, per ESPN.com’s Tim MacMahon, and Mavs coach Rick Carlisle is one of the best X’s and O’s tacticians in the business. Paul is also a good enough outside shooter (career 37.1 percent) that his arrival wouldn’t stunt Doncic’s on-ball development. If the Mavs want to go all-in, this is their move.

A trio of Porzingis, Doncic, and Paul would be dominant offensively. As a pure, “pass first,” point guard CP3 would get easy shots for the other stars and take some of the pressure off of them to score isolation points.

While Paul’s contract is a heavy load to take on, he might be the missing link to title hopes for Dallas.

This season he is averaging 14.8 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 4.5 assists in just 29 minutes per game.