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The Detroit Pistons need some help in in the backcourt. Might the Pelicans provide them with a solution?

In a report from Fansided blog Piston Powered on Sunday, a potential deal with New Orleans could bring them former All-Star Jrue Holiday.

“Holiday is that extra NBA star the Pistons need to further compete with the stronger teams of the Eastern Conference,” Piston Powered wrote. “He could play either guard position and he is making them much better defensively.”

With the combined powers of Drummond and Holiday, the Pistons would become legitimate contenders in the East.

Last season in New Orleans, he averaged 21 points, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds per game on 46% shooting. His ability to score, create opportunities for others, and defend at the perimeter makes him one of the top two-way guards in the NBA.

That type of production is obviously a great need for the Pistons, who have struggled to find a long-term solution at the point guard position. Jrue could change the game for them going forward. Are they willing to pay the price in order to make it happen?

No doubt, Drummond, Griffin, and Holiday would be enough for a Finals run in the East, assuming they stay healthy of course.

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