(via ESPN.com)

Make no mistake, Carmelo Anthony has not lost his desire to play in the NBA. In a chat with SNY, the 10x All-Star made sure to let the world know he is still seeking a comeback.

He describes his situation as a waiting game of sorts, sitting back to “see what happens.” Truth is, there isn’t much he can really do anyway.

After failed stints in Houston and OKC, Melo’s reputation has gone down the dumps, with some players going so far as to compare it to a “curse.” His awful defense, inefficient offense, and stubborn expectations for his role have not helped improve his standing around the association. Father Time isn’t on his side, either.

After playing 10 games with the Rockets in 2018, Carmelo has yet to play in a professional basketball game since. Teams are actively avoiding signing the former scoring Champ.

Still, he hasn’t given up. At 35-years-old, and now almost a year removed from an NBA roster, Anthony is determined to do return. Where that return might be, though, is anyone’s guess.