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They say some trains only pass once on your life, and when that train is FC Barcelona, most players would be eager and desperate to jump right on board.

However, Willian is no ordinary player, as the Brazilian didn’t force his way out of Chelsea when the Blaugrana reached out to the club to try and sign him before the start of the season.

Willian confessed during an interview with DAZN that the Spanish giants contacted Chelsea to make a move at him, but the club rejected it and he simply accepted his fate with no regrets at all:

“The only real official offer I had came from Barcelona, last year, after the World Cup. Barcelona indeed presented an offer to Chelsea but it was rejected. That was the only actual time I had to discuss something like this with my family, although we really love it here (London). So there were several factors that helped us in staying,” the winger claimed, according to Tribuna.

Willian had a career-best season during the 2017-18 campaign and looked revitalized even though he was already 31 years old, so he knows he missed the last chance of his career to play in a club like Barcelona.

However, with the last years of his career in the horizon, the winger is at peace with the club’s decision and is only looking forward to leaving London if that’s to play for his hometown club Corinthians:

“If I have to return to Brazil, I’d like to play at Corinthians again. It represents a lot, I was born and raised there, my footballing career began there when I was nine, I’ve spent my entire childhood there. I’ve been a Corinthians fan since I was little, even before I played there, my family also supports the club. So when I got there all my relatives were very happy, and then, after I got to the first team, everyone was overjoyed,” Willian concluded.

The Blues were handed a transfer ban prior to the start of the summer window, so it’s natural to think they’d reject most bids for their players.

Now, it’ll be up to him to pay up Frank Lampard’s confidence by performing at his best, and he’s scored 3 goals with a couple of assists so far this season.

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