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Ky Bowman saw how his life and career suffered a major change when Stephen Curry broke his left hand. Last Wednesday he spent the morning in Santa Cruz at training camp for the Warriors’ G League affiliate.

Little he knew later that night Stephen Curry’s broken left hand would take him into Golden State’s rotation. Now he’s the starting point guard of the Warriors, but given his status in the league, he doesn’t make much money, considering the standards in the current NBA.

It’s well known that San Francisco is a very expensive city to live and the $79,568 Bowman will make this year won’t help him to accommodate in that side of the bay. With that salary, Ky would qualify for below-market right housing in San Francisco.

A now-deleted post on Reddit explained how the point guard’s salary wouldn’t even be considered enough to afford normal housing.

Via Reddit:

Ky Bowman is on a 2-way contract with the Warriors.

His salary this year is $79,568.

Based on salary alone assuming a 1 person household, he would qualify for below market rate housing in San Francisco.

The housing market in SF is absolutely crazy and this is yet another proof of that. Maybe things will be easier for Bowman if he played in a smaller market, but that’s just the way things are.

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