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Exactly one year ago on this past Friday, Carmelo Anthony played his last NBA game to date. After his 10th game with the Rockets last season, he was exiled from the league completely and has yet to generate significant interest by another team.

In wake of the one year anniversary of Melo’s departure from Houston, LeBron James shared a touching blast from the past to celebrate a legendary career.

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Definition of a hooper.

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LeBron and Melo have a strong history together. As close friends and co-stars in the league for years, the pair have shared a bond that goes beyond basketball.

Unfortunately, Anthony’s time in the league may have already passed him by. At 35-years-old, Father Time has caught up with the 10x All-Star. The past two seasons alone, he has shot just 40% from the field. The 2018-19 season marked the lowest scoring output of Melo’s career at 13.4 points per game.

To make matters worse, his defensive capabilities are even weaker and have made him virtually unplayable in many scenarios.

Still, guys like LeBron continue to believe that Carmelo deserves another chance. He will keep advocating for his friend. Whether or not that chance will ever come, however, is still up in the air.