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Manchester United took home an easy victory after beating Partizan Beograd 3-0 for the UEFA Europa League, but the team still struggles to take a stand against top-tier teams.

Hence, there’s been a lot of concerns regarding their current squad over their ability to actually compete at the highest of levels, and former Red Devil Paul Scholes didn’t shy away from that.

As a matter of fact, the legendary midfielder claimed the team could still do well in the upcoming fixtures, but that they must find a replacement for Victor Lindelof, who’s struggled and been bullied around lately:

“You look at the league position and it’s been difficult. This competition there is a lack of shots, a lack of attempts on target. I think the big problem with this team is the attacking players. I think it’s obvious for everyone to see that they lack creativity and I think in the forward areas it’s a real struggle. We always want players in the team to take risks but it just looks like the quality isn’t there.

We’ve spoken about this all season now, probably the last couple of years, in the forward areas. I think in other areas you’re okay if Pogba comes back into the midfield with (Scott) McTominay it looks good I think possibly at center-half they could need a partner for Maguire, although (Axel) Tuanzebe looks a good option. I’m not sure about (Victor) Lindelof. I think everywhere else it’s looking okay but it’s just them forward areas, the creative areas, where it’s a real struggle,” Scholes told BT Sport.

However, Scholes admitted that there still are some reasons to be optimistic about Manchester United’s future, praising Mason Greenwood for his recent performances and taking a slight shot at fellow academy product Marcus Rashford:

“Marcus, if Marcus lacks anything, it’s a little bit of composure in front of goal. We saw Mason Greenwood, I think he will eventually be a better goalscorer than Marcus because of his pure composure in front of goal. Marcus still lashes at things, he doesn’t have that cool head at times where he can take a touch and just slide it into the corner,” he concluded.

Rashford has faced a lot of criticism this season and has struggled to step up as Romelu Lukaku’s replacement, and it just doesn’t feel as this team has what it takes to keep up with Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal, or Chelsea in the English Premier League, let alone an European competition.

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