(via ESPN.com)

D’Angelo Russell was apparently no so far off from joining the Minnesota Timberwolves this past summer. With room for him to thrive in the empty backcourt and take advantage of a potential pairing with Karl-Anthony Towns, the Wolves offered a unique opportunity for Russell to grow and develop his game alongside one of his closest friends.

But because of the weather, he left all that behind for a spot with the Warriors in San Francisco.

“I thought the opportunity here was amazing. It was definitely something I was considering very strongly. But then when this opportunity came, the weather is way better, so that helped me,” Russell told Chris Hine of the Star Tribune.

“I did my first winter in New York and that was tough. So to get the opportunity to go somewhere where it’s warm again, I think that played a major part in my plan.”

It’s true, things are a lot warmer on that side of the country. And for a guy that started off his career in Los Angeles, it’s something he’s used to by now.

But did D’Lo picture the season unfolding like this? With almost every other star down and out for the count, the Dubs are poised to be among the worst teams in the NBA this season, while the Timberwolves are showing drastic improvement.

Was it his intention to forgoe playoff contention for warmer weather?