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The Golden State Warriors are no more. Instead of the proud, dominant group of stars we’ve seen the past five years, this season has presented us with a rag-tag group of role-players and rookies who don’t really seem to have a clue as to what they’re doing.

The league is taking advantage of these damaged Warriors, showing no hesitation to destroy and humiliate them on the court.

But not everyone shares that merciless attitude. To some, it’s good enough to just get the W and move on.

(via Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report)

“Kerr always did things right,” said an Eastern Conference pro personnel director. “Besides, they are like a wounded deer on the side of the road right now. No need to torture them; just put them out of their misery each game.”

The Warriors are 2-6 this season and well en route to the lottery portion of the NBA Draft, forced to hit the reset button in the midst of a slew of injuries and an enormous roster overhaul. These challenges were just too much for the Dubs to overcome.

All the “barking” they’ve done the past couple of years is finally catching up with them, though, and now it’s their turn to sit by and wait for the bleeding to stop.

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