(via Time)

In a chat with Shams Charania of Stadium, Lakers’ big man Anthony Davis revealed that his teammate LeBron James told him he was “scared as sh*t” to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010.

Apparently, Davis was asking him how it felt to leave Cleveland the first time after being there for 7 years.

(via Dan Feldman of NBC Sports)

“I asked him. I said, ‘When you went to Miami, first off, how were you when you left Cleveland? Obviously, you left free-willingly. I had to ask for a trade. But what was your emotions?’ He was like, ‘I was scared. I was scared as sh*t.’ And that was the same thing with me, because I’d been so accustomed to being in New Orleans, and I loved that city,” Davis said, via Dan Feldman of NBC Sports.

“I loved the city of New Orleans. I’ve got so many friends there that turned family. Multiple properties there. New Orleans is a part of me. And it was tough for me to walk away from that.”

LeBron not only played in Cleveland but was born there and raised in the area. It was home.

So he knows more than anyone what it’s like to leave all that behind in pursuit of a Championship. While Davis’ circumstances are different, he had to leave New Orleans in much the same way. It was scary for Davis the same way it was scary for Bron.

While the jury is still out on what his first season in L.A. will bring, AD is clearly taking advantage of his time there and his time with LeBron, who clearly has a lot to offer Davis and his other Lakers teammates.