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The fight between Manchester City forward and Liverpool defender Joe Gomez has been one of the most commented topics in the football world in recent days.

The Daily Mail and several outlets have reported on the spat between Sterling and Gomez that took place in a training session after they initially also clashed on the pitch in the Premier League clash between Liverpool and City at Anfield at the weekend.

They eased the tension and everything seemed to be fine between them, but England fans booed Joe Gomez when he was subbed on by Gareth Southgate in the game against Montenegro on Thursday. Sterling was clearly not happy to see this and took to Twitter to take responsibility for the situation.

“To all the England fans, I wanted to leave things at it was but tonight I have to speak again: it was hard for me to see my team mate get booed for something that was my fault. Joe hasn’t done anything wrong & for me to see someone who keeps his head down and work hard..,” he wrote.

“especially after a difficult week for him to be booed when he came on tonight was wrong.

“I’ve taken full responsibility and accepted the consequence.
I felt as though I had to say this get home safe every one.”

Everything looks solved between the players, but some fans apparently didn’t get the memo and had a terrible attitude towards Gomez. Still, this was a classy gesture from Sterling, and one hopes the defender won’t lose the support of English fans for the long term.