(via Blazer's Edge)

Carmelo Anthony’s return to the NBA has set the internet ablaze with reactions. After a year of exile from the league, the news that he would sign with the Blazers was music to a lot of folks’ ears.

Instead of wearing the number 7, or even 15, he chose to don #00. In a post on Instagram, he explained why.

One should be concentrating on clues that the universe is dropping for them to take up a quick reaction.
Divine power is seeking my undivided attention.
I had to achieve the tranquility of spiritual maturity through the guidance of the Universe.

As he embarks on this new chapter, Carmelo has a lot to prove to the NBA. In the past, he has been known as a selfish, ball-stopping scorer. But even in this area, he was struggling. In his 10-game stint in Houston, Melo averaged a career-low 13 points per game on just 40% shooting.

Needless to say, this may be his last chance at redemption. He will be looked upon to bring energy and scoring to relieve pressure from Dame and CJ McCollum. His new number is indicative of his fresh start.