(Credit: La Republica)

It’s always nice to know your teammates have your back, especially when you’re struggling and need a couple of words that can help you get by and go back to your former self.

That’s the case with Eden Hazard and Karim Benzema, as the Belgian had a lot of praise for the French striker, claiming he’s the best in the world and knows how to make his teammates better:

“After having played with him for three or fourth months, I think that, right now, he’s the best striker in the world,” Hazard. And also away from his role as a striker, he makes others better,” Hazard said during a press conference, as quoted by Spanish outlet AS.

Moreover, the former Chelsea standout looked quite optimistic about Real Madrid’s season following a slow start of the year, claiming they can still do better but that winning is all that matters at the end of the day:

“You can always do better, of course. think that with Real Madrid, for the last month, everything has been going very well. We’re winning games and the team is improving well, which also makes it easier for me. I’m feeling good and I want to continue like this,” Hazard concluded.

Real Madrid have struggled to be at their best since Cristiano Ronaldo left the team on a shocking move to Juventus, and Hazard was supposed to stop the bleeding as Cristiano’s replacement.

However, he’s still adapting to La Liga and his new teammates, and there have been several reports about his weight as the main reason why he hasn’t been able to establish himself the same way he did at Chelsea.

Nonetheless, talented players always find the way to succeed and there’s no doubt Hazard won’t be the exception to that rule and it’s only a matter of time before he turns things around.