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Following his MVP win in 2011, Derrick Rose’s career took a turn for the worst. After playing big minutes in his first few seasons, Rose’s body betrayed him, and he was never able to fully recover after years of injury derailed his career.

Nowadays, with stars taking nights off almost weekly, preserving the health and body of players has become the priority. Had that been around in his tenure with Chicago, things might have worked out very differently for Rose.

Here’s what he said to NBC Sports Chicago:

“If load management would have been around, who knows? I probably would’ve still been a Chicago Bull by now.”

As a Chicago native, we know it wasn’t in his plans to leave the Bulls in 2016. Unfortunately, his slew of injuries and the state of the team at the time pretty much forced him out. He hasn’t been the same since.

Rose has only had two 60+ game seasons in the past 9 years, and there is no indication he will ever return to his All-Star form. But with today’s “load management” tradition, perhaps his body will be preserved and rested enough to last the full season. He is sure to take advantage of it either way.

If only it was a thing 10 years ago…

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