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With the Spurs reeling, two of their prized stars have found themselves the subject of all kinds of different trade rumors around the association.

One of the most recent ones involves a deal with the Miami Heat, who could become a serious title contender with the addition of Aldridge and DeRozan to play alongside Jimmy Butler and company.

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When ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins suggested this week that the struggling San Antonio Spurs should consider trading LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan, the Heat immediately came to mind, not only because Pat Riley said this week that he’s open to making a move if it’s the right one, but also because Riley has long admired both players and, most importantly, because neither has a contract that extends beyond the key summer of 2021.

While there are plenty of doubts about both players at the surface, there are several variables to consider regarding their contracts.

There’s no indication that the Spurs are shopping either player, even with San Antonio off to a 5-10 start and in the midst of a seven-game losing streak.

But if they do, the Heat assuredly would due diligence on both for two reasons: 1) Both remain highly productive and 2) Neither has a contract that runs beyond the summer of 2021, which is critical because Miami wants to preserve max cap space that summer for a run at Giannis Antetokounmpo or, secondarily, a few other targets including Victor Oladipo.

It stands to reason that both sides would benefit from the swap. No doubt, the Spurs would get a haul of young picks and assets to go along with the clean slate of wiping Aldridge and DeRozan from the books.

For Miami, with most of their core intact, bringing in two high-level scorers would surely bolster their offense and make them a tougher challenge to face in the East.

For now, this scenario is still a long-shot, but you should really expect anything when it comes to Pat Riley and the Miami Heat.

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