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The Golden State Warriors were the biggest force in the NBA for the past 5 years, making it to 5 consecutive NBA Finals, winning three titles in the process. However, things are incredibly different for the Dubs now, who currently have the worst record in the league (3-15). This has sparked rumors and debates about Steve Kerr and his future as the head coach of the team.

The Dubs are well on their way to missing the playoffs after being the biggest favorites to win it all over the last five years, as Stephen Curry is out with a broken hand and Klay Thompson is still rehabbing his ACL tear.

Regardless of the tough times, Warriors owner Joe Lacob and general manager Boy Myers are fully supportive of Kerr, according to assistant coach Mike Brown:

“I could possibly get fired for saying this (laughter). But we’re in Utah, and we had just come off a tough loss at Dallas. I’ve been in this league a long time. We had our team dinner and I get there late — I had my girlfriend with me — we walk in a little late. You can go at any time,” Brown said during an appearance on “The TK Show” podcast with Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, via NBC Sports Bay Area.

“First thing that I saw when I walked in, I saw Steve sitting at a table with Bob Myers and Joe Lacob. And they’re just chopping it up and having dinner and whatnot. I didn’t say anything, but I told Bob the next morning, ‘Bob, this might not mean anything to you, but man, when I walked into that restaurant and I saw you and Steve and Joe there just having a good time, talking, and supporting one another … my heart melted.’

“He looked at me funny. I’m going to put it out there — there’s zero chance that Steve’s getting fired (laughter). But for your owner and your general manager to find the time to jump on a plane, fly to Salt Lake City, go to dinner with the head coach to tell him we love you, you’re doing a heckuva job … stay and watch our game (then) fly back to the Bay the next night after our game — to me that means a whole lot.”

Right now the Warriors appear to be focused on developing their young assets like Eric Paschall, Jordan Poole and Ky Bowman, and Lacob and Myers trust Kerr for that role.

Once their stars return from injuries, Golden State will be ready to find their way to glory once again and nobody believes the man in charge of that quest will be other than Kerr.

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