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Carmelo Anthony finally got another chance in the NBA, and he isn’t wasting it. In the five games since his return, he is averaging 16 points and 5 rebounds on 45% shooting.

His impressive resurgence has us thinking: what other NBA veteran is waiting to be signed?

Insert Jeremy Lin, a career 12-point per game scorer, and it’s clear to see why he might be due for an NBA return. Though his prime is behind him, at 31-years-old coming off a slew of major injuries, he can still help a team rack up points off the bench. Since the 2018-19 season, Lin has remained unsigned. Here are the teams that should give him a chance:


Golden State Warriors

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The Warriors have been a great place for veterans to revive their careers. And while they are far from what they used to be, there could be a mutual benefit in signing Jeremy Lin.

He would help bring scoring and veteran leadership off the bench while Lin gets to have the big break he’s been waiting for. If it works out, and he plays well, there might even be room to keep him next season as well, where the Dubs are expected to be significant playoff contenders.


Boston Celtics

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Of course, the Celtics don’t really need anyone right now. They have been one of the best teams in the East with Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, and their other young stars. But signing Lin may help bolster their backcourt and relieve some scoring pressure from the main guys.

Kemba Walker’s latest injury scare is just one example of the need for a Plan B. Jeremy could very well be part of those plans.


Milwaukee Bucks

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With Eric Bledsoe, Wesley Matthews, George Hill, and Frank Mason III, the Bucks certainly have a stacked backcourt. But how valuable are experienced, scoring point guards nowadays? You really can’t go wrong.

Aside from taking and making pull-up jumpers, the veteran is an expert at lighting it up in the midrange and finishing at the rim. Put him alongside Giannis and some shooters like Kris Middleton, and he could thrive.


New Orleans Pelicans

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At this point, the Pels haven’t got much to lose. With their season slowly draining away, they have been unable to hold down the fort until Zion Williamson’s mysterious return.

Lin could give them the spark they need to turn things around. His electric personality, inspiring skillset, and Championship mindset would likely prove beneficial to the young guys and the team as a whole as they attempt to start winning games.


Portland Trail Blazers

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After two straight blowout wins, are the Blazers finally turning things around? We are seeing first-hand the impact Melo is having thereafter remaining unsigned for a full year.

Could Portland offer Lin a similar opportunity? While he won’t be asked to play a huge role for the team, having some additional talent in the backcourt (and veteran experience in the locker room) might help the Blazers get back in the playoff hunt.