The Dallas Mavericks ended the Los Angeles Lakers’ 10-game winning streak on Sunday with a blowout that was virtually decided as early as the third quarter. The Texans enjoyed another great game from their biggest star Luka Doncic, who scored 16 of his 27 points and half his 10 assists in that mentioned third quarter.

Doncic kept showing his great level during the game, even finishing his impressive performance with a stepback 3-pointer over LeBron James that earned the attention of everybody, including an interesting reaction from Rajon Rondo.

Cameras caught the moment when the Lakers’ backup point man looked at the Slovenian young star with a longing, captivated stare.

Nobody is actually sure to tell whether the look was of admiration of Doncic’s clinical dissection of the purple and gold but it’s hard to blame him for his reaction.

Doncic keeps demonstrating he’s ready to become one of the best players in the NBA and his Sunday’s game was another proof of that. You have to admit he’s doing a great job when he gets the reaction he gets from his colleagues, especially from Rondo.