(via USA Today)

Being in NBA superstar translates more than just getting cheers on the basetball court.

Often, the biggest names in the game have a spotlight put on their personal lives. And while stars usually embrace their fame, it can have some nasty consequences.

Dwyane Wade was the latest example of this reality after his Thanksgiving Day Instagram post went viral online — for all the wrong reasons. What was supposed to be an innocent family picture became highly scrutinized online for showing their 12-year-old son, Zion, wearing a crop top and fake nails.

Needless to say, a number of people decided to criticize the boy’s style choices and suggested Wade was a bad father for allowing his son to express himself in that fashion.

Dwyane Wade fired back at the critics, literally calling their behavior “stupidity” in a social media Twitter rant.

“As a parent my only goal is that my kids feel that i see them, love them and support them,” he wrote. “I’ve seen some post-thanksgiving hate on social about my family photo. Stupidity is apart of this world we live in—so i get it. But here’s the thing—I’ve been chosen to lead my family not y’all. So we will continue to be us and support each other with pride, love & a smile!”

No matter your feelings on the subject at hand, it doesn’t seem appropriate for internet strangers to get involved in Wade’s family life like that. As usual, though, Wade handled himself with class as he addressed it, and seemed very genuine in his response.

Seems like the NBA legend is living his best life…