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The NBA could be in store for some big changes, with proposed ideas including a shortened schedule, a re-structured playoff bracket and, perhaps most intriguing, a mid-season tournament.

According to new information, the latter could come with some serious compensation…

Basically, to incentivize teams to take part in the competition, the league is discussing making an extra first-round draft pick available to the winner, along with bonus pay for players and coaches who participate.

While the intent is to mix things up, raise the stakes, and change the league infrastructure, there have already been a number of concerns about the idea.

For one, it would end the NBA’s forever-long 82-game tradition. Any change of that magnitude is going to be a risk in itself. Second, will the compensation be enough for players, coaches, and teams to feel incentivized to play?

Those questions will only continue to linger as Silver and the NBA prepare for some serious changes.

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