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In light of his 60-point performance (in three quarters), it’s kind of hard to deny that James Harden is one of the best at putting the ball through the net.

This season alone, the 2x scoring champ is averaging 38.9 points on 44% shooting, on track to win his 3rd straight scoring title and maybe another MVP, too.

But when you talk about scoring 100 points in a single game, that’s a feat that seems impossible for anyone nowadays to do, even Harden. The single-game scoring record was set by Wilt Chamberlain way back in 1962 when he dropped a whopping 100 points in a win over the New York Knicks. Nobody has really come close since, and it is considered one of the greatest records in basketball.

Interestingly enough, the All-Star shooting guard DeMar DeRozan claims the Beard actually can match that that scoring repertoire — given enough ambition, of course.

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Having grown up in Los Angeles with Harden, however, DeRozan was less impressed with his friend’s latest feat.

“I’m pretty sure if he put his mind to it, he could score 100,” DeRozan said.

Harden’s own teammate seemed in awe of his performance…

“What he’s doing has not been seen,” teammate Austin Rivers said, per The Star’s Kristie Rieken. “My man had 60 and didn’t play the fourth quarter. Name another player who could do that right now.”

Indeed, the 7x All-Star is showing to the world something it hasn’t seen before. To put up so many points and stay efficient while scoring from all areas on the court is truly something to behold.

Guys like Wilt couldn’t do offensively what Harden can. It really makes you wonder what else he’s got up his sleeve…

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