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Four years ago, Louis van Gaal was heavily questioned for spending $47m million on Anthony Martial, an unknown winger out of AS Monaco that looked like a promising player, but that came with a huge price tag attached to him.

Martial thrived early on at Old Trafford but his development kind of stalled as he’s fallen in and out of the team’s starting XI since van Gaal’s departure.

However, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is now giving him another chance to prove his worth, using him as the team’s number 9 amid Marcus Rashford’s struggles and Romelu Lukkaku’s departure.

Hence, the 23-year-old knows that he must step up and deliver what’s expected out of such a huge role in a team like Manchester United, as he’s only scored three goals so far. So, when asked about his recent slump, he promised to prove that he’s one of the best strikers in the Premier League.

“When I arrived at the club, I was just a young player. I still hadn’t had the benefit of a proper full season as a professional first-team player in my legs. But now it’s my fifth season here, so now I have to prove and to show that I have evolved as a player and blossomed into one of the best strikers in the Premier League. When I came here I was still just a kid, and now I’ve grown up and I’ve become a lot more mature. Nowadays, I feel so much better in myself,” Martial told United Review.

Truth to be told, it’s hard to blame Martial for United’s offensive woes, as the team has struggled as a whole to get anything going and create centers in the attacking front.

Still, considering how much the club invested in him back in the day, it’s clear that he’s got a huge debt with the organization and fans, so hopefully, he’ll turn things around pretty soon.

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