(Credit: RTVE.es)

You know what they say. Nobody trusts a guy more than his mother, but more often than not, even them can be surprised by the things their sons achieve, and Celia Cuccittini is no exception to that rule.

You’d think that being Lionel Messi’s mom, Celia wouldn’t be an easy person to impress, as his son has broken all kinds of records en route to becoming arguably the greatest player in the history of the sport.

However, Messi’s mom admitted that she didn’t think he’d win another Ballon d’Or after winning his fifth in 2015, and that even she was surprised by the fact that he was on top again this year:

“I’m super happy, we did not expect to win the prize. We thought that the fifth would be the last, so this was a beautiful surprise. He always excites me. He does not stop surprising us every day with what he achieves. And, on top of that, what a person he is, which is the main thing,” Cuccittini told CNN Radio Argentina.

Messi beat Sadio Mane and Virgil van Dijk for his record six Ballon d’Or thanks to a brilliant year with FC Barcelona, but even his mother knows he’s still in debt with his national team:

“You can criticize without offending or without making fun. And as a mother that obviously hurts. Obviously, not everyone has to like him. The whole family already knows that we owe Argentina a debt. But who more than Lionel wants to win a World Cup or a Copa America? Of course it can be said when he plays badly. We do it ourselves. We tell him, I tell him,” she concluded.

Gladly for him and his family, Messi will have yet another shot at a national trophy when Argentina plays the Copa America in 2020 at home, and that may be his final chance of putting his doubters at ease once and for all.