(via CBS Sports)

In case you missed it, the San Antonio Spurs pulled off an amazing comeback win over the Rockets in double overtime, with Lonnie Walker scoring 19 points in the fourth quarter to lead the charge.

It was truly a bizarre game, and it may not be over yet.

The officials did not count a shot by James Harden in the fourth, despite the fact that it actually went in, and the Rockets believe the league may change the actual result of the game.

Here’s what one source in Houston told Tim MacMahon:

A Rockets source is optimistic that the NBA office will take action regarding James Harden’s dunk that didn’t count, either awarding the win to Houston or ordering that the final 7:50 be replayed because the Rockets outscored the Spurs in regulation. The Rockets believe a protest might not be necessary but will prepare to file one if the league office does not take action.

There’s no guarantee the league will do anything, of course. It’s very rare that they take action on a game that’s already been decided. Besides, Houston isn’t exactly blameless in the loss.

The Rockets are the ones who gave up a 22-point lead to a struggling Spurs team without LaMarcus Aldridge. James Harden dropped 50 on 11 of 38 shooting while Russell Westbrook had 19 on 7 of 30 shooting.

Still, keep an eye out on the situation as the Rockets fight for a game they feel was robbed from them. They are prepared to take action.