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Human beings make mistakes and get in trouble sometimes, but this Celtics fan took things to a different level recently. During a recent edition of ESPN’s ‘Hoop Streams’, Gary Striewski visited the streets of Boston to test Celtics fans and their knowledge on that 2007-08 team that gave the city its 17th NBA championship.

But, there was a trick, as one of the former members of that team was lurking nearby to help jog their memories. Kendrick Perkins is standing behind these people listening to their impressions about that Celtics team and him, with some making bigger statements than others.

For instance, there was this one guy who called him ‘arguably the number one most posterized victim of all time.’ Yet, when he found out Perkins was behind him, everything changed for the fan.

His reaction is priceless when he sees Perk, calling for a time out, trying to shake hands and clarifying that he ‘got love’ for the former Celtics big man.

“Big bro, I’m sorry, man. You’re a legend in this city,” he told Perkins.

Even though he made it clear he loved Kendrick, he made a solid case for his claims of the 2008 NBA champion being the most posterized victim in the history of the league. In the end, it was all cool between the pair, but this exchange was something else.

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