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As he embarks on another remarkable scoring season, James Harden is starting to draw some serious attention, especially in regards to his standing on the NBA’s All-Time list.

While his placing among the NBA’s top stars is debatable, there is no arguing his exceptional ability to rack up points on the offensive end. And, according to Charles Barkley, he is more than just in the conversation for being the league’s greatest scorer.

Of course, that claim doesn’t come without a backbone. Harden is in the midst of winning his third straight scoring title, averaging 38 points, 7.5 assists, and 6 rebounds per game. It’s not just the numbers, either. It’s the way he gets them.

Harden can shoot from the outside, finish at the rim, find a shot off the dribble, rack up points at the line, and make plays for others on the floor. When it comes to getting buckets, there literally isn’t anything he can’t do.

Unfortunately, his failure to win a ring is holding him back from getting the recognition he would otherwise deserve. He will have to take the Rockets to a Championship in order to truly cement his legacy as an All-Time great.

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