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In the aftermath of a defeat against the Toronto Raptors, Bulls guard Zach LaVine did not mince words in describing his intentions as the face of his team.

“I don’t work my ass off to be a No. 2 guy or a No. 3 guy. I want to be a superstar,” LaVine said to Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic. “I want to be a top of the league type dude. And that’s what I see myself as. And I’m going to continue to strive for that and reach for my goals. That’s why I work so hard for it. I don’t sacrifice my entire summer and grind my life away to be just a regular guy in the NBA.”

For LaVine, this season has had its share of up and down moments. Often, his success has been overshadowed by his failure to close in late-game situations. The Bulls, despite showing a lot of promise, are still leaps and bounds away from true contention in the East.

But LaVine is the silver lining to it all. If he can step up as the superstar he’s working so hard to become, things could change drastically for the Bulls. Only time will tell where his ceiling really is.

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