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Arsenal have mightily struggled to keep the pace in the English Premier Leauge, and clearly Frederik Ljumberg isn’t the right man to take Unai Emery’s job after his sacking.

So, if the team wants to compete at the highest level again, Ray Parlour thinks they should turn their attention to Carlo Ancelotti immediately, who was recently fired by Napoli.

“You can’t knock his record. I think they need a bit of experience to shake this squad up and try and get them defending better as a team and get them organized. A few days ago Ancelotti wasn’t available and, this is the mad thing about football, Napoli win 4-0 in the Champions League and suddenly three hours later he’s been sacked!” the former midfielder told TalkSPORT.

Parlour claimed that the Gunners shouldn’t wait before making a run at Ancelotti, comparing him to Jose Mourinho as a winning coach and concluding there wouldn’t be a better man for the job:

“He’s available and he knows the Premier League very well. Sometimes you’ve got to move quickly with managers. He’s a bit like Mourinho; the trophies he’s won, 20 trophies! Obviously he’s been at big clubs and has had the opportunity to play in big tournaments and have good players, but he’s still got to manage big players and he’s done that so well over the years. That’s why you say he could be the right man for Arsenal,” he concluded.

Ancelotti reportedly had a bit of a feud with Napoli’s president De Laurentiis, and his team’s bad performances in the Italian Serie A forced his hand to sack him mid-season.

The Italian boss has proven to be a winner and a football mastermind over and over, winning trophies almost everywhere he’s gone.

However, he’s been mistreated lately by Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen, and Napoli, so perhaps Arsenal would be a perfect opportunity to take his career back from the ground.