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The Miami Heat have, surprisingly, emerged as one of the East’s biggest contenders this season. With Jimmy Butler and a stellar cast of young stars, Miami is poised to be among the elites for years to come.

But they might not be done making moves. According to Michael Kawaida of SB Nation’s Hot Hot Hoops, Pat Riley and the Heat front-office have their eyes set on Spurs star DeMar DeRozan.

“DeMar DeRozan, a volume mid-range shooter who is also a poor defender, has been a name floating around the NBA twitter-sphere in connection with Miami,” Kawaida wrote. “I’m actually a DeRozan fan but think the Heat should pass here. Could he make you better? Maybe a little. But I’m not sure how willing DeRozan is to conform to Miami’s culture and team-first style of play. If this trade does happen, DeMar would give the Heat another proven, go-to scorer in high leverage moments.”

As a 4x All-Star and career 20-point per game scorer, DeRozan would add a nice scoring punch to Miami’s backcourt.

But there are questions about his worth, especially at 30-years-old. DeRozan has failed to make any significant playoff noise and he doesn’t shoot from distance.

Nonetheless, he could thrive in the right environment. The Heat will have to determine if it’s worth the risk.

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