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With the San Antonio Spurs struggling to keep their heads above the water, the status of their two stars has been under increasing doubt. It’s clear now, more than ever before, that their stat-dominant duo of LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan is not going to be enough to contend.

Meanwhile, in the Southeast, the Magic find themselves in familiar territory — being too good to enjoy the luxuries of a lottery pick, but far too bad to be considered anything other than a first-round exit in the postseason.

With trade season officially in full swing, both teams will be looking for a way out of their unfortunate predicament.

In his recent article, Andy Bailey of Bleacher Report detailed how the Magic and Spurs might find mutual benefit from a swap with each other involving their two best players — DeMar DeRozan and Aaron Gordon.

“DeRozan may not do a ton to move the needle in terms of efficiency, but he would provide volume and could possibly pull defensive attention away from Evan Fournier and Nikola Vucevic. He also might hurt Orlando’s top-10 defense, but there might be enough talent on that end with Markelle Fultz and Jonathan Isaac to cover for DeRozan’s shortcomings.”

“With San Antonio, a team in dire need of some stoppers, Gordon’s defensive versatility at the 4 would be put to use by head coach Gregg Popovich. And the Spurs can conceivably surround him with enough offense to boost his efficiency on that end. If defenses have to focus on Aldridge and shooters like Bryn Forbes, Derrick White and Patty Mills, Gordon should have more room to attack closeouts and clean up offensive rebounds.”

It’s an ideal scenario for both parties — DeRozan would give the Magic much-needed offense/ scoring power, and Gordon would help bolster the Spurs’ abysmal defense.

Whether it involves those names or not, expect both teams to be very active in their search for solutions ahead of February’s trade deadline.

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