Victor Oladipo is out of action right now, but he’s still trying to be active off the court. Season 2 of singing competition ‘The Masked Singer’ is coming to an end, and the Indiana Pacers star was recently eliminated.

Oladipo went by the name ‘Thingamajig’. On Wednesday, he took a final bow before revealing his real identity. He earned the love of fans and judges, but one judge, in particular, was a little more emotional about his departure, Nicole Scherzinger.

The All-Star guard has told People TV that he wouldn’t be opposed to going on a date with Scherzinger. When asked about it, his response was short and clear, “anywhere, any time, any place.”

Then he elaborated and expressed his willingness to go out with the star.

“If I actually do, hopefully it’s in the near future if the moment or opportunity presents itself,” Oladipo speculated. “If I did, I would just take her to wherever she wants to go because it would be all about her and me getting to know her, and obviously us getting to know one another.”

Scherzinger didn’t make any comment on Oladipo’s statements besides one tweet the night of the show.

Although Nicole is rumored to be dating a model, it doesn’t look like Victor is giving up hopes on his chances to date the pop singer.

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