It may be a while since we heard from J.R. Smith on the court, but he seems to be getting in plenty of trouble off of it.

Jewel Harris, his wife, recently posted a video on Instagram of her praying and crying amid swirling rumors that her husband has been having an affair with “The Flash” actress Candice Patton. After confirming the accusations of a relationship between Smith and Patton, Harris got highly emotional in a video about his apparent cheating.


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The rumors began back in October when Patton and Smith were filmed getting comfortable with each other at a Halloween party.

Of course, it all came to a head this week, when Smith was seen on IG live hanging out with a dog that looks almost identical to Patton’s dog. After people put two and two together, J.R. started deleting hundreds of Instagram posts after getting called out by fans.


NBA star JR Smith is going through it right now. For the past month, there was a rumor going around social media that the NBA baller was dating Flash actress Candice Patton, 34.

Now that rumor has caused JR to delete hundreds of Instagram posts — going back to 2017.

Yesterday JR posted a pic of himself walking Candice’s dog, and the social media rumors went into overdrive.

Fans openly questioned the relationship between JR and Candice in the comments, and began combing through JR’s old posts – to see if they could find any connection w/ Candice.

Moments later, JR deleted hundreds of Instagram posts – all the way back to 2017.

And what’s going on with JR’s wife? Well Jewel Smith has been posting some very sad posts, about “fair” and “toxic relationships” lately.

Needless to say, this whole thing is getting out of control, The rumors, the pain, the secrecy — it’s all very toxic for everyone involved.

We hope for clarity and piece for all of them as the situation plays out.