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The upcoming free agency of Anthony Davis is unlike any other. On the surface, he really has no reason to leave. He’s playing alongside one of the All-Time greats, is getting plenty of opportunities to shine, and is winning while doing it all.

Yet, there is a feeling of doubt when it comes to Davis and a potential return to L.A. — because, for some reason, he refuses to make any promises. In his most recent talk with ESPN, he continued to dodge questions aimed at his plans for the summer.

“I still look at it as we’ll see what happens at the end of the season,” Davis told ESPN.

“Obviously, the season’s going great so far and I’m trying to stay in the moment and worry about that when the season’s over. But I feel like we can do something special this year.”

“But when that time comes I’ll think about it and see what’s going on. But right now I’m trying to focus and win a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers.”

In the grand scheme of things, vocal commitments don’t mean very much anyway. Just in the past year, we saw Kyrie Irving leave the Celtics in the dust after telling the fans he would re-sign. Marcus Morris committed to the Spurs in the summer, only to change his mind and sign with the Knicks days later.

Perhaps Davis is trying to avoid a similar situation in Los Angeles, Or, perhaps he really is trying to leave the door open for an escape.

Whatever the case, Davis’ focus is clear: this moment in this season with this team.

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