Credit: USATSI

Chandler Parsons was expected to become a good player in the NBA, but injuries took a toll on his quality, taking him from being a good prospect to a wandering veteran in the league. Parsons, now in Atlanta, starred one of the craziest moments in the NBA a couple of years ago when he signed a max contract with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Parsons is in the final season of that deal and has explained why he signed the controversial agreement of almost $100 million for four years back in 2016. During a recent interview with HoopsHype, he broke down his decision, stating he was ready to live it up to his contract, something that never happened.

“I think anybody with a brain in my situation would have taken the contract. It’s funny. People that are hating on it, if they were in my shoes or if their son was in my shoes, they would have told them to do the same thing. Right? Should I have predicted that I was going to be hurt and took less or took half the money? That’s psychotic. Now the contract is what it was and, obviously, I didn’t live up to it. I think if I was healthy, I fully would have done that and I think I was on the path of being a really good player in this league. But people are judged off of their salary and I understand that and that’s how it goes. It was out of my control as far as injuries go and not being able to play as much as I wanted to in Memphis sucked. But it’s silly when people hate on it. Anybody in their right mind would’ve done the same thing.”

Although a lot of people believe that the contract was a little too much, Parsons was confident he could be a good player for the Grizzlies. As we know now, that never happened, but he’s still trying to demonstrate everybody in the league he still has plenty of gas left in the tank.