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As always, there is always some hot news going on around the league along with some drama from former players. That seems to be the norm, especially with polarizing superstar players such as LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard running the sport.

Finally, we have some insight as to why Kawhi avoided a big three with LA, while there seems to be a little bit of drama involving former players. Here is the most important news going on in the NBA this week.


Kawhi Leonard’ Uncle Unbelievable Demands From The Lakers

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It seems that the reason Kawhi Leonard is not playing for the Lakers right now is revealed. As we mentioned earlier, Leonard’s uncle and the manager had some ridiculous demands from the Lakers organization including a private plane, part ownership of the franchise, and even guaranteed endorsement money.

While Leonard is a great player, it seems that the uncle asked for everything he wanted to see if he could actually get it. Well, he didn’t, and Leonard is now balling for the Clippers (when he plays).


Anthony Davis Will Enter Free Agency In The Summer

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Many expect AD to remain a Laker for quite some time, but AD is expected to enter Free Agency next summer. NBA players want to hear what is out there, and just test the waters for any interesting offers.

Due to a lack of championship teams in the mix this summer, AD will still likely sign a max extension to return with the Lakers with the hopes of capturing an NBA title.


LeBron James And Kawhi Leonard Rivalry

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Kawhi Leonard seemingly convinced many fans that he usurped LeBron James as the new king of the NBA by winning an NBA title last year. But James has come back with a vengeance, and even seems to be healthier than Leonard! While both players are focused on their own goals, there seems to be a legitimate alpha dog rivalry going on.

According to Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report, Kawhi is closest to catching LeBron James and even surpassing him at this stage of their careers, and James is well aware of it. While they will likely shrug off any real rivalry, they both know that they are the two best players in the league when fully healthy and focused. This year’s playoffs are going to be very exciting to watch.


MVP Power Rankings: Giannis At The Top Again

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According to recent MVP Power Rankings, Giannis is back on top as the MVP favorite ahead of James Harden once again. It is just amazing how Harden keeps talking slightly behind The Greek Freak since his play has been beyond spectacular. Any other season, he would be number one by a long shot. But Giannis has done his duties when it comes to team success, and he looks destined to have the best record in the league again.

If he does it again, Giannis will be a two-time reigning MVP for the Bucks.


Paul Pierce: LeBron Is Easily The Best Player Of The Decade

Paul Pierce and LeBron James had their battles in past post-season, but that does not stop The Truth from giving, well, the truth.

According to Pierce, it is utterly ridiculous to put any player ahead of LeBron as the best during this decade. Anybody who disagrees, well, they just do not know a thing about basketball. And who can really argue? With three titles and three Finals MVPs to his name, nobody had more success in this decade than The King.


Gilbert Arenas: Isaiah Thomas Is Wrong For Confronting Fans

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Gilbert Arenas was an amazing talent and quite a character. As opinionated as always, Arenas made the surprising claim that Isaiah Thomas actually made a wrong move by confronting a heckling fan.

According to Arenas, all NBA players shouldn’t feel the need to confront any fans and to just ignore any hate speech. The fans pay their money and freedom of speech is a real thing in the country, so players better block out the noise if they want to follow the advice of Gilbert Arenas. But then again, does the advice of Arenas hold any weight to current NBA players?