When you talk about VAR, you know the conversation will be tense, at least. This system came to life to help referees and to make the game fairer for players. Yet, things have gone the wrong way in England, as almost every week there is a mistake involving the system.

The last addition to this list took place at the Liverpool-Wolverhampton match, where VAR technology again made one extremely controversial decision. Liverpool took the lead of the game thanks to Sadio Mane, who capitalized Lalana’s assist, which VAR was examining, and decided that the Englishman did not play with his hand.

Shortly after that, the Wolves tied the game, with VAR re-entering the scene. After taking their time to review the play, the VAR room suggested that the match referee disallow the goal because of Goni’s offside, who sent a pass that ended with the goal scorer.

This was very similar to what happened on Saturday when officials canceled Teemu Puky’s goal against Tottenham in a game that ended in a 2-2 draw for Norwich.

These situations keep happening week after week. Something must be done because the game is getting more damage than help.