Credit: Premier League

The VAR system has created a lot of controversies ever since it was applied in the Premier League. It looks like every week they have a failure that affects one or more teams, with English fans asking for the technology to be removed.

This has made a huge impact on the game that if you watch the Premier League table without it, things change a lot. For instance, Liverpool’s lead at the top of the Premier League would be just six points if it wasn’t for VAR this season.

Right now they have a 13-point advantage over the second place, Leicester City, and have often been at the center of VAR controversy this season. It’s fair to say they have suffered VAR as well, but the table of results without technology intervening shows a different picture.

According to The Sun, Liverpool would be five points worse off than they currently are without VAR. Manchester City would be three points better off, meaning they would be second behind Liverpool six points adrift.

Credit: Sport Bible

Tottenham have also seen the benefits of VAR this season according to the table. Spurs would be five points worse off without technology and in 12th place in the Premier League.

Credit: Sport Bible

This is raising a lot of eyebrows around the league and fans are asking for solutions. This was supposed to help the game, not the other way around.