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Kevin Durant is now part of the Brooklyn Nets after spending the last three seasons with the Golden State Warriors. It’s well known that KD never felt completely comfortable with the Warriors and last season that was more visible than ever. That’s according to Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who claims he could tell Durant was leaving.

Kerr said the 10-time All-Star “sort of faded from the group by the end of the year” during an appearance on the Posted Up Pod with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports:

“We could just feel it last year,” Kerr said. “He just sort of faded from the group by the end of the year. Sometimes you just have a feeling about things. We never discussed his free agency. That wasn’t my business, even though I was his coach. I was focused on that season and I wanted our whole team to focus on that season. Every effort of our staff went into whatever team we were playing.

“Whatever a player does in free agency is up to him, so I totally respected Kevin’s right to make a new path for himself in life.”

Nobody can say he struggled to find success with the Warriors because they played in three straight NBA Finals, winning two of them with Durant taking home the MVP award in both series.

Some say Golden State could have defeated the Toronto Raptors last season if he didn’t suffer a ruptured Achilles in the same series Klay Thompson tore his ACL.

KD’s tenure at the Oracle Arena had a couple of controversies that probably made him decide to keep his career somewhere else. He’s now part of the Brooklyn Nets, but we’ll have to wait another season before Durant makes his return to the floor.