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Ernesto Valverde isn’t going through the best moment as Barcelona’s boss. The Spaniard was once again the subject of critics when his side lost to Atletico Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup when the game looked closed for them.

Obviously, this stirred the pot and fans started to ask for Valverde to get fired after a couple of seasons with more downs than ups. Barcelona have suffered very painful defeats in recent times and this one is another addition to that list. Therefore, nobody is happy with the team and even former players are blaming Valverde for these bad results.

One of those is Rivaldo, who went off on the Spaniard after the Spanish Super Cup collapse. Rivaldo claims Barca need motivation, which is what Valverde isn’t providing.

“Barcelona can’t continue falling asleep in important games. It’s very frustrating. The way they had been controlling the game, they should have been home and dry but the team can’t suddenly just switch off at the back against a great side – one coached by someone like Simeone. El Cholo is a highly enthusiastic coach, he’s always shouting at his players, motivating them and encouraging them to give a little more – maybe that is exactly what Barcelona lack right now”, Rivaldo explained, via Marca.

“I’m sure this latest defeat won’t help Valverde at all”, he continued. “It reminded me of the team’s recent upsets in the Champions League. Valverde’s job is on the line. The club might let him go before the season is out because a club like Barcelona can’t continue losing like this – being so careless”.

He expected some kind of reaction from the former Athletic Club boss, but nothing happened, which made things worse.

“Part of the coach’s job is to observe what is not working during a game and fix those problems, make sure the players know what the problems are. If he simply sits there watching it all fall apart passively, the opponents have the chance to change the way they are playing and surprise you”, Rivaldo said.

Barcelona need to make some changes if they want to continue fighting for the titles they aspire to get this season.

It’s been reported that they’re looking to get Xavi Hernandez as their new coach, but we still have to wait and see what decision they’re going to make.

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