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When asking who is the best offensive player in the NBA, one might get multiple different answers. From KD to Steph, to LeBron and Luka, it’s no secret that the NBA is teaming with offensive talent.

In a piece on The Players Tribune, Butler picked Harden as the league’s most unstoppable players, putting him over 2x Finals MVP Kevin Durant.

“I think if you asked multiple people who the most unstoppable player in the league is right now, it would be a toss-up between a healthy KD and James. But if you ask me? It’s James Harden, for the win.”

“Step-back. Floater. Euro step. He has so much in his package, and he’s always hitting tough shots. I mean, he’s creating new sh*t in the off-season where he’s shooting one-legged, step-back, side-step … pretty soon he’s gonna do a handstand and kick the motherf***er in the basket,” Jimmy Butler detailed.”


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Jimmy Butler believes James Harden is more of an offensive threat than a healthy KD. Agree or disagree? 👀

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While both players have are obviously exceptional talents, Harden is putting on a performance like the league hasn’t seen before. On track to win his third straight scoring title, the Beard is only the second player in NBA History (if he finishes with his current 37.7 point average) to average more points than minutes.

Right now, Harden is stringing together an unreal performance. Butler is just one of a few to give recognition where it’s due.

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