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Though the Spurs are falling on tough times now, they have a long and rich history of winning and consistency. Perhaps no player embodies this persona more than Tony Parker, who ran point-guard for San Antonio from 2001-2018.

Aside from being a 6x All-Star and 4x NBA Champion, Parker is also, amazingly, the only player in league history to have a winning record against all 30 teams.

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Tony Parker announced his retirement last summer following a memorable career that saw him win four NBA titles and make the All-Star Game six times. His final year with the Hornets was not the stuff of legend, but one particular event during that season made his NBA career even more remarkable. In beating the Spurs in a January game, the French guard accomplished something no other player had: a positive record against all 30 franchises.

Parker is not the only longtime Spur without a losing record against any of the other teams. David Robinson, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are part of that exclusive club, but of course they could never get a winning record vs. San Antonio since they spent their entire time in the NBA rocking the black and grey of the Spurs.

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Parker is known as one of the most important players in Spurs history. He helped form a dynamic trio with Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan to rule the early 2000’s.

His winning ways are just a testimony to what the Spurs have accomplished in the past two decades, and it won’t soon be forgotten.