Shaquille O’Neal is without any hesitation one of the best players in the history of the game, but there have always been some doubts about his real chances to become the real GOAT of basketball.

Shaq could actually become the greatest to ever do it, according to his former training, but he had different plans for him. Former Lakers trainer Gary Vitty worked a lot with O’Neal during his days with the Lakers, trying to make the big man the biggest force in the game. However, he stated that was his dream, not Shaq’s.

During an interview in now canceled Fox Sports’ ‘Fair Game With Kristine Leahy’, Vitty broke down how Shaq never was able to fulfill his potential because he wasn’t looking to become the GOAT but to inspire the new generations.

“Your dreams are yours… My dream for Shaq was for him to be the best of all time. That wasn’t his dream… Shaq’s dream was to inspire young people to follow their dreams and be whatever it is that they want to be, and he has done that. He is the best. I love him,” Vitty said.

What Vitty said is completely true, as the big man managed himself a little different than the rest of the players. If Shaq had the same work ethic as other greats like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, there wouldn’t be no doubt that he’s the greatest of all time right now.

Throughout his career, Shaq won four NBA titles, which could have been more if he was in better shape and training like his former teammate Kobe used to train.

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