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After telling the media that it’s “clear” his Nets need another piece, Kyrie Irving received a shower of backlash. On First Take, Stephen A. and Max flamed his comments, going so far as to suggest they need one “fewer” piece (Kyrie himself). In the media, questions and doubts are beginning to surface about just how good Uncle Drew and his hot-button quotes are for the locker-room culture of his new team.

Kendrick Perkins, in particular, delivered a hammer on Irving and his legacy as a leader on Twitter.

What Perk is referring to his last year’s tenure in Boston. After making a verbal commitment to the franchise, a season of finger-pointing, mood swings, and alienation took over the Celtics’ season, resulting in an early playoff exit and Irving’s eventual departure from the franchise.

In Cleveland, after winning a Chip with LeBron, he threw a border-line temper tantrum to the team and forced his way out.

Unfortunately, these types of leadership questions have become the normal for Kyrie. And for that to change, Uncle Drew will have to prove he can win in his new surroundings.

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