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Even with Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan, Caris LeVert, and Spencer Dinwiddie, Kyrie Irving is sure that the Nets need more pieces so compete for a title.

Could the L.A. Clippers be thinking along the same lines?

Paul George, Patrick Beverley, Kawhi Leonard, and Montrezl Harrell certainly make up a formidable core. But reports indicate that they might be after more. In his recent article, Kevin Pelton of ESPN discussed the possibility of the Clippers trading veteran sharpshooter Lou Williams for a “quality two-way contributor.”

“Williams probably has more trade value than the first-round pick the Clippers have to offer,” ESPN’s Kevin Pelton wrote. “But finding a workable trade probably requires involving a third team since those who need Williams’ skills probably don’t have the kind of quality two-way contributors the Clippers would want in return.”

While the Clips haven’t bene outright shopping Williams, he hasn’t exactly been labeled as untouchable, either.

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“The Clippers have not been shopping Williams, according to league sources but with three weeks till the trade deadline, it’s Williams could yet attract interest. The Clippers have been adept at keeping their transactions close to the vest so Williams’ absence from the rumor mill does not necessarily mean the Clippers have not had hushed conversations about him.”

As a 3x Sixth Man of the Year, Lou brings a spark of the bench very fee players can match. Averaging nearly 20 points per game and 6.2 assists this season, he is a valued member of the Clippers organization and one that could command a high return in a trade package.

No deal is imminent, but don’t expect the Clippers to stand pat this trade season.

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