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8-year NBA veteran Chandler Parsons is facing an uncertain future after being struck by a drunk driver last week. According to a report by Chris Haynes, the 31-year-old has suffered multiple major and permanent injuries to the brain, back, and shoulder.

It has put his playing career in doubt, and he is seeking legal action against the driver responsible.

Parsons played in Houston for 3 seasons before moving to Dallas, Memphis, and then Atlanta. Multiple injuries and changes in scenery, Parsons was struggling to find playing time, becoming somewhat of a household name for the league’s worst contracts. But there was hope that he would someday regain his play from old. He once averaged 16.6 points per game for the Rockets.

No doubt, this will set him back even further.

Let’s hope for not only a speedy recovery but for closure and peace in what is no doubt a tough time for him and his family.

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