(via Sports Illustrated)

Trae Young is on the verge of making his first All-Star team. In light of a 29 point, 8.6 assists per game average this season, most would say it’s well-earned. But not everyone is a fan.

Bill Simmons, for example, recently shared some thoughts on the young point guard that raised more than a few eyebrows. Here’s what he said on his podcast:

(Rant starts at 44:00 https://open.spotify.com/episode/5xdPQpJsnDw9QrcRddVRYc?si=RLAHBsZsRMaAmhnL4ZJZRw)

“Trae Young is the guy you’re playing pick up with, its a game to 11 you’re down 9-2 and then he makes 4 threes in a row and brings you back. You still lose and then he [Trae] feels great and everyone’s like eh I’ll sit out next game.”

The idea that Trae is a “stat padder” or some kind of hindrance to his team comes without any real grounds. Though the Hawks have struggled to win games this season, Trae is about the only thing they have going for them right now.

Additionally, we have to keep his age and inexperience into perspective. No matter what your criticisms are of Young, he’s still only just 21-years-old in his second season.

There is plenty of time for him to hone and master his abilities, and plenty of time for the Hawks to surround him with the right pieces.